Now is a Good Time to Clean Your Air Vents

As outdoor activities and sports taper off, the time you and your family spend indoors is on the rise. Is your home ready to become the warm, safe haven you need from weather’s wrath? Now is the time to prepare your home heating and cooling system, and consider cleaning the air ducts to ensure your family is breathing clean air.

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Innovative Landscaping that Prevents Leaks

When it comes to protecting your home from water damage, sometimes simple leak-proofing techniques with landscaping are all you need. But when flood waters rise around your home, you need to take extreme flood prevention measures. Check out what some people have attempted in order to keep their homes safe during a natural disaster.

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Carpet Cleaning

Did you know? Carpet cleaning was the first service Rainbow International ever provided! Learn more on our carpet cleaning services on our website.

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Self Improvement Month: Restore Your Sanity

September is self-improvement month and Rainbow Restoration would like to help you restore all aspects of your life.  As the kids get back in school and things start to get crazy, it is easy to become disorganized and lose focus of your own health.  Here are some helpful ways to improve your organization and your life:

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Request for Service

Whether you have experienced damage at your home due to a fire, water damage, or a natural disaster, or need professional cleaning services, we’re here to help. Request Service from your local Rainbow International® today.

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Wild Fires: What To Do After Your Home Has Been Damaged

Did you know that a wildfire can move across the land at a speed of up to 14 miles per hour burning trees, brush, and homes, and even people in their path? One strike of lightning, one act of human carelessness in nature, one criminal decision to commit arson, or volcanic eruptions are just some of the causes that trigger this fast-moving mass of destruction.

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Helping after Harvey

We are proud to stand strong and help Texas and Louisiana rebuild and restore in areas hit by Hurrican Harvey. Let professionals at Rainbow International help you. Call us at 855-724-6269 or visit for water restoration.

Moldy Food and Drinking Containers Are Bad News

Mold or other fungi lurking in your food or drink container? Here’s how to handle things whether you’ve swallowed a swig or are simply looking to best manage moldy container messes.

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The Worst Effects of Water Damage

Two homes in the same town may be affected by a flood, but the resulting water damage could vary tremendously. Minor damage could include a little water seeping through basement windows or floor drains overflowing slightly.

Of course, far more severe damage could also occur. Let’s explore some of the worst possible effects water damage can have on your home after a flood.

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How Do You Know If You Should Have a Flood Insurance?

Did you know? The standard homeowner’s policy does not cover flooding. Do you need flood insurance? Find out in this Rainbow International blog!

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