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Just as knowing how to locate and operate your breaker box can get you out of a hair-raising electrical emergency, learning how to shut off water flow to your home can keep you out of a serious, flood-related pickle. From natural disasters to simple wear-and-tear, water leaks happen causing significant water damage. How do you protect your home and belongings? It’s as simple as learning how to find “the off switch.”

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Is Your Carpet Making you Sick?


Keeping your carpet clean is not only important for aesthetic reasons, but also a way to keep your family healthy.

Although there are times when carpets are obviously dirty, nobody wants their beautiful, posh, expensive carpet to be called dirty when it’s clearly not – I mean, just look at it. It’s flawless! The truth is, however, carpets and rugs can look clean to the naked eye while harboring dirt, dander, bacteria, and other irritants. When these irritants make it into the air you breathe, and eventually into your lungs, they can cause issues.

Once carpet has accumulated irritants, it may be causing problems such as respiratory issues, skin problems, and potential mold growth. It’s important that it is cleaned professionally to ensure proper care, but there are ways to slow down the accumulation of irritants like those in your carpets.

Rainbow International offers the following suggestions on how to help prevent your carpet from making your family sick:

Try to avoid placing wall-to-wall carpeting in certain areas.
Damp areas are breeding grounds for mold. Instead of wall-to-wall carpeting, choose an area rug for the areas in your home that potentially hold a lot of moisture, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, or basement. Also, try to avoid placing wall-to-wall carpeting in the rooms of people with allergies or asthma. They may be susceptible to reactions if affected by the irritants.

Use a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum.
The National Center for Healthy Housing recommends vacuuming carpet weekly or at least every other week. Depending on the type of carpet and its thickness, it is recommended that you pass the vacuum over the carpet multiple times, or at least one minute per square yard. HEPA vacuums have filters that help reduce dust so be sure to replace as directed for the best results.

Take notice of unusual smells in the home.
A musty, unpleasant odor around your house could be a sign of mold.  Mold can live in walls, basements, insulation… and under carpets. Indoor mold has the potential to create health problems. If you suspect mold issues, take action immediately to have it checked by a mold expert so you can take steps to protect your family’s health.

Replace heavily soiled or worn carpet in the home.
Irritants build up on carpets through the years and replacing them with new, low-pile carpet is a good option for many homeowners. When removing the old carpet, be sure to use special care if the home was built before 1978 in case lead dust is under or in the carpeting or padding. After removal, clean the walls and floor surfaces before adding new carpet. Request the carpet installers to use low-emission adhesives to install the new carpet or consider tacking it down instead of gluing.

Carpet Spot and Stain Removal Tips

Rainbow International offers the following do-it-yourself tips on removing spots and stains that have found their way onto your carpet.

Refrain from rubbing the stain.
Rubbing the stain excessively may end up causing the stain to be driven further into the carpet. This would make it even more difficult to remove the stain. You could also possibly damage the carpet’s material.

Start around the edges.
Instead of starting from the center, which is often the most obvious or damaged spot, start from the outside of the stain and move towards the center. If you start from the center, you risk spreading the stain more.

Don’t use hot water.
Using hot water may seem harmless, but hot water can cause the structure of the stain to change. This can allow it to bond with the surface of your carpet.

Avoid harsh cleaning solutions.
Always try using mild solutions first. Harsh solutions may cause damage to your carpet, and these kinds of situations can often be fixed with the milder alternatives. Particularly bad stains should be taken care of by a professional. Contact your local Rainbow International when you need your carpet cleaned.

Accidents call for quick reactions and the accumulation of irritants over time calls for preventative actions as well. While you cannot completely avoid these things, it’s important to know what you can do about them. When it’s time for a thorough cleaning or evaluation of your carpets, contact the experts at Rainbow International to help you restore your carpeting

Gifford and Central Illinois Relief Effort for Tornado Damage

Gifford/Flatville TornadoMany families have been impacted and it has become national news about the destructive weather
that has swept through central Illinois.  We here at Rainbow are doing all that we can and we want
to provide anyone checking this site to have the information necessary if they would like to help in
the relief effort.

The main social media site that has been updated most often with the correct information is – https://www.facebook.com/giffordiltornadorecovery

The American Red Cross is taking donations at 217-351-5861 or The United Way https://www.facebook.com/UWChampaignCounty are the best places to start but churches and businesses are popping up all over the place so it couldn’t be easier to donate to the relief effort.

Here is a video of the severe damage done to Gifford.
WARNING this may be shocking for some.


Rainbow Restoration Saves Grade School Gym Floor!

 June 2012 –

FROM http://illinoishomepage.net/

Full Stage Three 2


RANTOUL — Broadmeadow school cancelled all classes Monday, after a storm ripped the gym roof right off.  “I was first notified by our resource police officer,” said Principal Mark McCusker. “He said we had a hole in our roof.”  Saturday night’s storm yielded sixty to seventy mile winds. Not only did it peel off the roof, it left insulation and debris scattered across the playground.  Outside, crews were busy picking up trash and tree limbs. Inside, summer school teachers spent the day packing up books and materials. Rantoul City School District is moving the remainder of their summer school session to Eastlawn Elementary.   “We’re working with architects and structural engineers to make sure everything is safe and we can get it repaired quickly,” said McCusker.  McCusker says he has no idea of how long it’ll take or how much it’ll cost to completely fix the damages. Workers are trying to keep it to a minimum by saving the wooden gymnasium floors.  IMG_0362Aaron Gallagher with Rainbow International Restoration and Cleaning Services already pumped out the water that leaked in from the storm.  “We brought in large dehumidifiers to make an environment to get all that water that got into the wood out to salvage it,” said Gallagher.


Big Debris Against Fence Full View Day Two
IMG_0315Fence Line Final Day 1




to see a video will all the documented pictures click the link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWdQOFv01Ew)